So it doesn't seem to out of the ordinary for Suntrust to be slow as molasses.  We seem to have Patricia Champion assigned to the file now as our single point of contact but I can't ever get in touch with her.  Has anyone ever worked with her? Know any other contact information? Email? 

This file was originally submitted in July and we are just now getting our SPOT.  

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Actually I am starting with the group contacts, and will go from there.

Patricia - I am going to take you up on this! I have a Suntrust at 120 days in.... Bank of America approved it TWO months ago.... You can never reach anyone.  Plus you get the third degree whenever you call, to the point of ridiculum. They don't always ask the same questions, but if you leave off a Jr. one time, they won't talk to you.  Here go the emails to Suntrust.  

No response from the parties in the text box, but I did get a "read" receipt LOL. Now on to the list you have provided @Patricia!



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