I have been working on this shortsale for 3+ years and 4 different buyers.  The first is with BOA which I thought was the worst but the 2nd which is a heloc is with Suntrust and now I can't decide which is the worst. 

The buyers are divorced and the wife got the house in the divorce but the ex is on the mortgage.  It is not a friendly situation  and the ex has made it clear he will not help in the short sale in any way.  We tried to explain to him that it is to his advantage also that we get this done but he doesn't believe it and will nto talk to anybody about this.  BOA has agreed to proceed without him or his financial information but Suntrust will not.  They have said if he will not produce his financial information they will not approve the short sale.

Doew anybody have any ideas?  The ex participating is not going to happen.  We have had the attorney write him a letter explaining and he doesn't care.  Anything to get even with her. 

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