Suntrust. File submitted August 30, over four months ago. It was approved by junior lien Bank of America in less than 60 days. SInce Suntrust was so slow, I emailed their executives. No response. I've escalated the file. After calling and faxing every day for over two weeks, I was promised an approval letter two days ago. The junior lien's extended deadline for close is Monday. That's Bank of America, so they will need their HUD ASAP.  Suntrust told me the approval letter was "just in quality" control. I asked for the terms but they wouldn't reveal them.  Today, they called. The letter is still in quality control, but they want a promissory note for the entire deficiency.  Two days before closing. Nice.  Suntrust used to read our site. Are you there, Suntrust?  

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Patricia - Yes, he is trying to get a last minute common sense response. My hope is that Suntrust becomes aware of their inadequate business practices in the short sale field.

lol Wendy!

They won't be waiving a penny.  They are so nice.



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