November 12, 2013 - Regarding SLS as the 1st lien holder...they verbally told us what they needed to net and every time we found a buyer to come up to what they want to net they increase their net.  They drag on with this process endlessly until another BPO is required every 90 days.  We have had this property BPO'd (3x's and Appraised). Now come on.... an
"APPRAISAL" in JUNE 2013 and SLS still ASKED FOR AND WANTED MORE than the appraised value of the property in June 2013!!! (by $3,000 plus, the buyer agreed not to prorate taxes). YES, it has taken  an additional 5 MONTHS to get a new net from SLS.  The house was last BPO'd in September 2013. Seems like SLS and the bank they are negotiating for wants to DOUBLE-DIP for additional monies when they foreclose.  Going back on the market today OVER  $15k ABOVE MARKET VALUE.....THANK YOU SLS!!!!  If you have any other info for us please post.  Reporting to FTC A MUST!!!!

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