If you have a multiple user license -- can all the users fax from short sale commander? 

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Absolutely. All of our users do this and it works great.

You do need an external e-faxing service (efax.com, metrofax.com, myfax.com, fax87.com), which many agents already have. So if you can fax via email now through one of these services, you can fax without ever leaving Commander.

Note that your Commander email address needs to match the email that you signed up with from one of these services.  If you add all your Commander users as authorized to send faxes on your e-fax account, then everyone can send faxes from Commander.  What makes this work is when you send an email from Commander, the 'from' address is your email address, just like you were sending an e-fax from outlook, yahoo, gmail or whatever your normal email provider is.

If you have an e-fax service, a lot of our users use www.metrofax.com. Gives you both inbound and outbound faxing, and it's pretty cheap.  Call us if you have any questions 734-956-8909

I love metro fax, been using it for about 4 years now.  Love that they have an app so that I can see faxes on my Droid as they come in and can send and recieve faxes from my Droid

I have premier global fax -- no idea what their name is this week though.  I'm not in love with the monthly cost but yes efaxing can't be beat.  I see now I need to add this person on to my efax account.  



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