I LOVE the document checklist.  Being able to see with one glance what we have and what don't is AWESOME!  Can the list be modified though?  I would really love to have two document checklists.  One for the short sale and one for regular disclosures to manage everything in the Commander.  Is that possible?

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Hi Terry,

When you log in and click on a particular property you will come to a summary page for that property that has all the different snapshot summaries of the different modules.  If you scroll down there is a pane that is the "document checklist." 

 When you are uploading a document if you've classified them as you've uploaded them -- when you look at this document checklist it will have a check by each of the items already in the file.  You can also access it by clicking on "documents," and there it will be on the side.  So, on any file you can look and know exactly what you have and what you don't have at a glance.  It's awesome. and I'd love to be able to customize it and also have another one for my regular transaction documents.   


Just wondering if anyone knows how to do that.


Hope this helps,



Tni, you have the ability to add and name any custom document and it will show up in the checklist.  We currently are deep in the development of Realty Commander.  Realty Commander will allow you to manage everything and create multiple checklists etc. 

Thank you SSC!

I'm looking forward to Realty Commander.  Hurry up!  :-)  Tni

Is Realty Commander different than SS Commander?  We are looking for a program but the webinar on SS Commander really didn't seem to be it for the attorney, paralegal, and myself.


I can appreciate self-promotion but this program seems really cumbersome.  Any suggestions for programs?

Hi Teresa -

The same company is expanding their product to Realty Commander.  Are you doing short sales?  I'm an attorney myself and, although there are some features I would not use if working in an attorney role instead of a real estate broker role, I have to say while just processing short sales, Short Sale Commander is awesome.  I love having all the info and documents at my fingertips and also having others on the license that have access to the same docs in a secure environment.  

Short sales are cumbersome to begin with -- this is just a tool to deal with that.  I've been using it for only about a month and I'm already hooked.  I think they have a free trial.. you should try it out on a few files and see if it is worthwhile for you.  It solves a lot of issues.  It's not perfect but it is pretty darn good and I don't know of another product that is better. Do you?




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