If any group members have more recent information or comments to share, I'd be happy to hear them.  I will also be adding any new information I receive to this group as I move forward with the sale.

Here is a link to their customer service page with downloadable forms:


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3/23/2015:  Update on short sale transaction.  It has been really tough working with Selene on this transaction.  So far information they provide has been consistently incorrect.  Every due date for the next step in the transaction has been missed repeatedly and the point of contact, Lauren Smith, is never available no matter what time/day/or how often I call. 

Appraisal was performed on 2/4/15 (6 - almost 7 weeks ago.) The offer in on the property is 16% higher than appraisal price. Buyer is ready to walk and has no confidence that Selene is acting in good faith.  This property debt was released in a bankruptcy 2 years ago and has been vacant for 2 1/2 years.  Seller lost his leg in an accident and tried to modify loan through 3 different servicers before finally leaving property because they kept threatening to foreclose.  Structure is a complete rehab now and will need to be gutted (mold everywhere)

If anyone knows how I can escalate this matter, I would appreciate any information others in the community have. 

Thank you!

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm in a similar situation with Selene and need a contact to get my file looked at :(.  BPO was done 3 months ago and they have yet to counter-offer...



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