Hello to all,


   I recently did a short sale with Salene after they took it over from Citi Mortgage.

I found Kevin great to work with as short sales go. We did have a property that was a

financial loss to them going in and it did not become apparent until the BPO was done.

We had a smooth closing and would not hesitate in working with him again. We would of course

hope we were in that same situation... they wanted the property gone as much as we did .



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Hello Joan I Just received a short sale from this lender do you have contact information for the Gentleman that you worked with there at Salene? We have Foreclosure sale scheduled for in the very near future. Any help would appreciated. Thanks for posting.
Hi Leon,
Please email me directly. [email protected]

Hello Joan I am in the same boat as Leon. Can I email you as well?

Hi Joan, do you have contact info for this company? Thank you in advance.

Does anyone have the contact info?

Hi, do you have the contact info for Kevin? 

I am currently working on a short sale with this lender.  Here is the contact information I have for Selene Finance.

Ph. 877-735-3637, Fax 866-926-5498, but the best way to reach them with your entire file is via email at [email protected]  Make sure you reference the loan number, borrower name and the property address.  Then call and follow up the very next day to make sure they have received your file.  I hope this helps.  They seem to be very fast with their turnaround!

Do you have any contact info for them or suggestions for who to talk to?

I am working a short sale with them currently. It's been pretty good. Working with Alex

has anyone had success escalating with Selene Finance?



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