Does anyone know of a way to escalate something with Roundpoint Mortgage?  We have had an offer in that was supposedly approved for a couple of months now.  Each week I call with zero activity saying they are waiting on approval from one more department.  

It's getting quite ridiculous.  When I call my "dedicated account specialist" he just keeps telling me the same thing.  He did send an e-mail to a manager a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything.  

If you have a contact person that can move this thing, I would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks so much :)!

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Roundpoint can be tough to work with. They move like snails and are extremely knit-picky with documents. Managers Michael French and Isreal Ortega are hit or miss.

[email protected]



Hi Brenda,

I sincerely apologize for the experience you have had with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing. I would like escalate your issue and get you in touch with our Customer Advocate so that they can help you connect with the correct party at RoundPoint. Could you please email [email protected] and provide them with your contact information/overview of the issue so that they can help?

Thank you, 

Leanne - RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

I will definitely do that.  Thank you.

Thanks for helping out our members Leanne


Sent the below e-mail on the 12th in the morning with no response as yet.  Not sure when I should expect a reply but any help you can give me would be awesome :).



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