I sent my final HUD in for approval and settlement attorneys fees were removed as well as other fees.  Does anyone know what fees are acceptable? 

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yes try this:

Allowable closing costs include but are not limited to:
· Sales commission consistent with the
prevailing rate, but not to exceed 6%
· Title or abstract search
· Owner’s title insurance
· Closing fee
· County taxes
· Grantors tax
· Lien search
· Local/state transfer tax stamps
· Natural hazard disclosure fee
· Property tax
· Real estate taxes to closing date
· Seller’s cost of title search
· State required excise tax
· Survey
· Tax certificate
· TIEFF fee
· Title examination
· Unpaid Homeowner’s association
· Unpaid Utilities
· Up to 1% of buyer’s first mortgage
amount if FHA buyer
· Wire fee

Unacceptable closing costs include but are not limited to:
· Administration fees
· Application fee
· Appraisal
· Attorney fees EXCEPT in states that
require an attorney to close the
· Broker administration fee
· Conveyance fees
· Courier fees
· Credit report
· Escrow fees
· Excise tax
· Flood certificate fee
· Hazard Insurance premiums
· Home warranty
· Lender’s title insurance
· Lien release fee
· Loan origination fees
· Mail fees
· Notary fees
· Pest inspection
· Processing fees
· Recording fees
· Repair reimbursements or allowances
· Reporting fees
· State regulatory fee
· Tax search
· Tax Service fee
· Tracking fees
· Underwriting fee
· And all other fees commonly classified
as “Junk Fees”
· Escrow fees
· Sub-escrow fees
· Short Sale Processing fees
· Discount points or loan fees for non
FHA financing
· Any items identified only by the term
“miscellaneous” or “other”
· Cash to seller
· Tenant rent prorations

The attorney fees have to be lumped in the settlement fee to be approved.

Thanks Becky,

They asked to have attorneys fee taken off said the seller has to pay which of course he wouldnt short sale if he had the money.

Thanks that helps big time. 

Joanne, if you're in an attorney state, you can get it covered.


We are in NY and are an attorney state.  The negotiator is still telling me no.  I asked her if she can send me something with disallowable fees.  Do you know where I can get something like that on a reverse short sale

I just got $3,900 attorney fee approved by HUD FHA on a final HUD as a settlement fee today.

And yes this was a reverse mortgage:)



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