Offer is very strong only one lien the Equator has it in Held for the last 9 days I have called BOA with no real clear answer..

Just wanted to check to see if anyone can give me an idea of how long a generic negotiator changes to a real live person...All docs are loaded per request in the equator system and the seller has recived his password and added all his info...The offer is very strong but it's been a few weeks now and after may calls to BOA still no live person..Can anyone help on this...J

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I have a few files on Equator in different stages of the process. I submitted one in Late October, received a counter offer in Mid-December, the buyer re-countered, and got a verbal approval 2 weeks ago, and just received the approval letter 2 days ago. The status for that file now shows that it is in the closing stage.

I had 3 different negotiators assigned during the 4 months the file was being processed. The best thing to do is to keep calling BOA/Equator every couple of days. The reps will inform you what tasks are pending for the negotiator to complete and what date the task is due.

If the negotiator doesn't complete the task in time, then you can request that the issue be escalated to their supervisor. The rep will email both the negotiator and the supervisor. That is why you must ask the reps when tasks are due and call the very next day to see if they were completed.

I have another file that I submitted Mid Decemeber, and just got a verbal approval on it. So it seems like the approval time is getting better, it could have been that everyone at BOA was going thru a learning curve.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Jaun I really appreciate your input I will be calling BOA/Equator again in the morning..

I had the verbal ok from them with regards to the offer but that was 2 weeks ago..I will request them to escalate this to the supervisor.

It won't get assigned to a negotiator until they have the BPO's back. Once they have the BPO's back it seems to move pretty quick through the system.
Thanks Donita!

Finally have a negotiator assigned and she seems very helpful...She has ordered the payoff so hopefully we are moving forward thanks for your reply..



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