Getting Certified on Equator - Does it lead to assigned short sales?

I recently created an account on Equator and saw that they encourage two things:
  1. They offer additional zip codes for $.03 per day (less than $1 per month)
  2. They offer certification  at different levels but the highest is $499
On the log in page it says that BOA has assigned the majority of the short sales on Equator compared to agents initiating the short sale on behalf of the homeowner. Their point being that if you pay to become certified by them and pay for more zips, you'll get assigned short sales.

So my question to everyone here is: Are either of those worth it?

Has anyone done this successfully?

Thanks for sharing!

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I can only say that I was a paid zip code subscriber for over two years with a huge number of zips covering a very large geographical area and I received nothing in all of that time from them, it was a complete waste of my time, effort and money! The fact is there is already a huge number of agents with whom they already have relationships and the rest of us are just willing, paying CHUMPS! For example, I was getting beat to the punch each and every time I tried to respond to the Equator system emails stating an order came up. I tried everything including staying online and logged in with them waiting for the orders to no avail. Most of the time I was responding within seconds or a minute or so to the email trying to get the order only to find that the order was assigned to another agent! In any case, I couldn't win even one order in over two years... it was a futile effort where their existing network received the orders and the rest of us were teased and paid their fees. Then I realized that most of the orders typically came up just before it was time to pay the monthly fee for access to your zips! Further, I found that many of the properties addresses were the same addresses as those I had seen on the system previously and the info was just being re-circulated as sort of a tease to get you to pay!
In my opinion the system is useless to those really trying to get BPO orders and a waste of time and money. There is a better way and I am sure you will find it but don't be a chump to these guys!
Jeff Lawrence
I tried the $.03 a day per area for about 6 months and never got anything so I canceled it. I was fool enough to pay the $499 to be 'certified.'. I wasn't particularly expecting to be assigned listings but I thought it would show the B of A negotiators, etc. that I am a serious professional so that they might treat me a just a smidgeon better. Hah! Don't waste your money.
Been there, done that, don't waste your money.
Good to know; thanks! I'm sorry all of you had to pay to find out. I've done that before too.
I'm so glad I found this sight! I was considering getting certified as well. Now I think I'll save my money.
I had an account for 2 years and did not get a thing. I agree with everybody else. Don't get into their tricks. Someone from their company even called me and said that if I were to get certified, then I could get up to 10 BPO's per day at $50 bucks a piece. When I heard them asking for money to get certified before I could do BPO for them, I denied and is happy in doing so. Good luck!!!
I guess they're trying to make up for some of the money they're losing when they take so long for a short sale, the buyer backs out the the home goes REO.
Well I paid to get cerified back in September and paid for 20 zip codes. So far not even 1 listing. I will give it 1 or 2 more months, then throw in the towel.....
I list for several REO asset managers and use equator, I pay the zip code fees and get listings assigned to me with them but the relationship was built outside of equator. I have been with equator since the REOTrans days
Nate, Equator loses nothing if a buyer backs out on a short sale, most likely it gets relisted thru equator as an REO. Equator is simply a tool, nothing more.

Nate Gerard said:
I guess they're trying to make up for some of the money they're losing when they take so long for a short sale, the buyer backs out the the home goes REO.
I am glad I saw this site! Thank you guys. I was considering getting certified just a moment ago! That was close =)



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