I am doing a short sale and I have RTR as a second. I've had the approval letter on the first from B of A since June 11th. I have put together the entire short sale package and had sent it out a couple months ago and when I got the approval letter I sent that over via email and fax. I have called in at least 3-4 times per week since June 11th and left a voicemail every time. Then I follow up with an email. I have not received a call back, email, fax, nothing. I cannot believe it. Does anyone have or know of a way to get a live person on the phone, or have an email that someone actually responds to? My approval letter with the first expires on July 20th and I have yet to even speak to someone at RTR.

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AnaLee..............email me and I can tell you who I am working with that got the job done at RTR.  [email protected]

I just closed a file with them on 7/3/12.  My negotiator was David Rosas...214-599-6517.  His email is [email protected]  He kept in touch & he answered his phone.  Good Luck.

Thank you Pamela, I appreciate it :-)



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