Hello everyone.  I have a last minute short sale i'm trying to get postponed.  The sale date is this Wednesday, yes, 4/8.  It's FHA.  Normally i wouldnt take this but its a friend of a friend and this guy has been really depressed and has had his head stuck in the sand for the last 4 months.And he's a good guy.  Havent done many shorts since National City became PNC. 

Does anyone know of a supervisor or a contact in setup?

Please help!!!

Allan Robinson

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Does PNC currently have an offer for this case?

[email protected]



He might have better luck applying for a loan modification as that action will stop a foreclosure. A short sale will not. Besides, FHA requires waterfall steps anyway, so you're not out anything. Like Brett suggests below, without an offer you're hosed.

we have an offer...



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