Good morning! I have a short sale with PHH that I can't seem to get done. We've had 2 offers. One was low and one was reasonable. They will not budge off of their value. There have been value disputes twice and nothing has changed. I can't seem to get anyone to come see it at the approved price, let alone put in an offer. The heater is not working because of a repair needed and I believe this is causing the value to go down further than what the BPO and/or appraisers are saying. It's been on the market for about a year now. Any suggestions or ideas? Right now I feel like they'd rather foreclose but I've provided enough evidence to show them that if they do, they won't get their number.

Thanks in Advance!

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Kimberly,  I'm glad someone has posted something / anything about PHH.  I have one with them right now and they have countered the current offer.  This property has been on the market 175 days @ $219 and we have an offer of $210 - PHH has countered at $220K - Buyer / Investor will not budge.  Buyer / Investor already owns 5 SFRs in this 42 home gated development in a Desert vacation community.  We are currently in "high season" but still no other showings.  Now, we cannot reach or get a response from our negotiator.  In the past couple of months PHH has sent 2 Denial Letters when they didn't get a document from the Seller or from me within 24 hours.  Oddly, they used an incorrect Investor name on both letters !  I think PHH is still as messed-up as the rest of the servicers were back in 2006.

Good luck !



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