I have a short sale listing with Ocwen (2 loans)  mortgages are current.  Can he do short sale, even though he is not delinquent and does Ocwen allow a relocation incentive.  This is my first rodeo with Ocwen...Thank you

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Should be able to. Relocation is away from the area; He is struggling to make payments due to financial hardship; are in danger of becoming deliquent.

ive closed 2 current transactions with relocations...hafa...and client was current. No issues . Your hardship needs to be stating that he is struggling and doesnt want to fall behind. Ocwen wont have any issues. they want to prevent your client from going behind. . Just submitt the package with offer and its a slam dunk. 60 days or less. Send everything to [email protected] You dont need to ask them permission. just send the full package 



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