After 200 + successful short sales I am running into major issues with communications including Language barriers, and the need to "set an appointment' with the rep handling my file. This appointment is sometimes a week or two out and if for some reason you miss the call it is set back up again for another extended period of time. Sometimes a month can go by just setting up appointments to schedule a call to discuss...

A note to to Kathy Robinson - I have reached out to you by email as your phone directs you to loop back into the Short sale department to just start this crazy cycle all over again.

If I could reach out to you and review my concerns I would be forever grateful. This file I am working on started in October and by all standards it is a strong offer.

Please let me know how we can talk ... Thank You !!! 

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I would email Kathy Directly on your issue as she is great in getting back to people or directing them to people who are directly under her at Ocwen.



Philip - I've had the same issues and this is how I got around them.  I am not fluent in Spanish, but by going thru the voice prompts in English and writing them down, I am able to navigate thru the Spanish prompts.  Select option 2 (Spanish) when prompted on the initial call, navigate thru the prompts, and you'll speak with someone in the US. I've done this numerous times and it's worked for me every time.



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