Good Morning All -

I have short sale approval and closing is set for today. We provided Navy Fed with the required closing docs early in the week BUT we still don't have "approval to close".

I have called Navy Fed begging for assistance and I am being told that the person working on this file is out of the office today and no one else can help me.

Does anyone have a great contact at Navy Fed who maybe be able to provide "approval to close" so I can get this sale completed today?

Thank you!!!

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Google "Navy Federal Stock Symbol" or "Navy Federal Corporate Office".

Use these to contact the President/CEO's office and let him/her know of your situation.

Daily calls will prove effective, hitting "#" after leaving a message to mark your message as "urgent", and calling twice each time b/c you "forgot" to leave the loan number on your first message.....will get you some attention.

More tips in my book - "Learning To Swim In The Short Sale Ocean"!!!!

(Get it on Amazon)

[email protected]

Thanks Ben!

No worries, feel free to email me anytime you need help.

The "Good Guys" need to stick together and help each other out!!!



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