I have a short sale that has Nationwide Credit Inc as a second. They are owed 27+k, but want $7700 from the first lien holder. First offered $3000, which is more than generous. Second will not accept, nor go to investor to get a counter. Does anyone have escalation contact info?

I'd appreciate any help I can get.

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Hello Susan, any progress in this situation? Also, i have a Short Sale where the 1st lien is Ocwen and the 2nd is Nationwide. The 1st agreed to pay $5,000 to the second, however the 2nd want $16,000, Nor the buyer or the seller want to pay. Any contacts you can share with would be appreciated!


I do not have escalation information, however, I was contacted 6 weeks after Nationwide Inc refused to accept the first lien holder's offer. They were offering the home owner a pay-off lower than what they would have received had they accepted the pay-off offered. I told them so and they asked me if that offer was still standing and would we be able to close by the 31st of Dec. I had an approval from them within 2 days and the sale has since been successfully closed. I am not sure if that helps you, but I think that they quickly changed tunes when they saw that a foreclosure date had been set and they were about to turn into an unsecured loan.

Good luck,




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