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NEW NS Authorization Form

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NationStar is now using Initiate your short sale there. Also the borrower needs to call 877-450-8638 to give financial info.

The nationstar escalations number is 877-343-6386

Short sale dept # 888-811-5281; fax authorization to 972-966-4530

FNMA Loans 866-312-2432 LOA FX 972-459-1611


Nationstar Agent Equator Task Guidelines.pdf


Step 1: Contact us — 1-888-480-2432

FAX LOA to: 469-549-2455

Direct line to Short Sale/Loss Mitigation: 866-312-2432

Step 2: Complete the Financial Worksheet

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Step 3: Fax or mail to Nationstar Mortgage

Fax — 1-972-315-6827
Mail — Nationstar Mortgage
Loss Mitigation Department
350 Highland Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067

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Comment by Nisha Wynter on November 16, 2015 at 12:40pm

Does anyone know a number to Nationstar's legal department?  I have a file that's been sitting there for almost a month.  They keep saying they cannot connect me to legal but will have someone from legal to call me back.  I've left several messages.

Comment by ElizabethWeintraub00697006LyonRE on August 24, 2015 at 6:57pm

In the last 2 auctions I did with Nationstar, one the buyer registered and bid and the other the buyer did not register. The basic difference is the buyer who registered got approval in one week. The buyer who did not register, well, they started the short sale over after the auction and it took another 6 weeks or so for approval. My suggestion is to register and make the same bid about 5 minutes prior to ending the auction, providing, of course, nobody else has bid higher. But I've never seen anybody outbid the original buyer. That 5% premium kills it.

Comment by Petra Norris on August 24, 2015 at 5:53pm

Does anyone have any updates or guidance on conventional loan serviced by Nationstar? Thanks in advance :)

Comment by Richard Worcester on July 7, 2015 at 10:14am

We have fought this process tooth and nail since Nationstar came on the scene, and we have not had good luck. We have, however, figured out a way to insure our buyer's offer get's accepted on the first try. We DON'T Register our buyer (that had submitted the original offer). Their opening online bid is adjusted down to equal the original bid including the 5% premium. Nationstar cares far less about getting the investor the maximum amount of money than they do about the 5% premium. Make sure they get the 5% and you are in. The online auction process is a dismal failure for the noteholders, but NS gets their premium and they will approve the offer.

Comment by Helena Kaucheck on July 6, 2015 at 7:29pm

Unfortunately, NS has not allowed any bypasses.  There is an "auction" department headed up by Mark Layton (I think) at NS that you may want to connect with.  They are not very helpful.  Make sure you read the material that comes in for the Auction.  One quirk is that NS supposedly will only accept your Original buyer as the non premium buyer and if you lose that buyer any subsequent ones are new buyers subject to the 5% premium.  Make sure you discuss what happens if the original buyer refuses to go through auction.  I've had in the past NS not charging them even if they don't want to go to auction but stays the course of the SS.  NS also recently refused to look at a substitute offer without another auction.  I escalated up to the top and no one was able (or wanted to) pull.  Auction can go up to 4 times FYI.  Just make sure you understand how it works to explain the the Seller and any new offers that come in afterward.  I've had quite a lot of short sales with NS and they keep changing the landscape but this newest one is really unbelievable and truly, in my opinion, looking to force a home into foreclosure due to the timing of the auctions--they may take up to 2 weeks of prep time in between each.  FYI. I am really super surprised that there is no legal way to get NS to stop the auction.  Homesearch I think is their REO arm too.  Isn't there any predatory practices being invoked?  Not as much for the use of homesearch but for the practice to get through one of these. 

Comment by Brian Avery on July 6, 2015 at 7:10pm

Nationstar vs or  has been going on for a few years on this site. You are better off just jumping through the hoops and make sure the buyer offer on the house is fair. I have completed 10-15 Nationstar short sales and the original offer was never beaten by an auction bid. Just make sure you register the buyer and they are not subject to the 5% premium.

Comment by Brett Goldsmith on July 6, 2015 at 7:02pm

Gale, you're likely out of luck on bypassing this. Who is the investor on the note? Hopefully the current buyer can win the auction.


Comment by Gale Maramba on July 6, 2015 at 6:53pm

Hello everybody, I am new to this group and I just wanted to know if there is ANY way at all to bypass Nation Star is asking me to list the property for auction on the said website. The thing is, we are already in contract. Seller only wants to deal with the current Buyer and does not want to participate in any online auction. Thank you in advance!

Comment by Richard Worcester on June 26, 2015 at 8:41pm

I learned this one the hard way this past year. My buyer had initial offer and as such not obligated to pay Homesearch 5%. Went through online auction twice. My client bid as the original buyer and as such no fee to be paid. He was highest bidder however offer ultimately rejected. We finally got smart, had him bid the same price minus 5% but "forgot" to mention he was original buyer - thereby having same net offer price with NS getting their juice. You guessed it - approved! Figure out a way to get them paid and you win. Fight it and you lose. Is it right? Definitely not. The lawyers are all gonna retire rich from this fiasco. But to help your client, you may have to get tricky.

Comment by Helena Kaucheck on June 26, 2015 at 7:39pm

Thanks Brett.  Deeply appreciate.  I have emails going out to Escalation as well as voicemails and emails to the Auction department manager.  I've worked hundreds of Short Sales these last almost decade and this is the first time NS has informed me that ALL new offers must go through auction.  There's nothing in their literature that I can see (I do 3rd party as well as my own) that states the SS will be in constant Auction mode going forward which is what this negotiator is telling me.  It seems like a push from NS to move this asset as quickly as possible to their REO department and/or make 5% back from any buyer we get to help the cost of putting us through a mandated process. 


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