We have a loan with nationstar FHA Loan, We submitted all the documents via equator met with the appraiser got the value that the buyer agreed everything was finally moving well. We submitted an offer in the range of the appraisal came back and then all of a sudden FHA rejects the short sale and no mater which offer we give them.

"FHA declined variance and stated since the loan is so far past due they are not going to approve it. The loan is currently 69 months past due."

"Unfortunately raising the offer wont change the outcome. FHA will not let the short sale proceed and the file will not be able to move forward. I will have the file removed. thank you"

That was their replay- what can we do? Please help us how to resolve this.

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HUD likely denied this as they won''t pay out their claim to the servicer if the SS goes through. Unless if the servicer moves forward without accepting the claim which frankly won't happen in my opinon they won't let the SS go through. I've had this happen on many transactions as HUD as cracked down on extremely delinquent files within the last year or so big time. This is why it's important to know guidelines ahead of time.

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Thank you so much for your quick response. 

I agree with Brett.

Short of contacting an elected legislator or an Attorney General (some individual with pull and an agenda) there is probably nothing you can do. I am surprised in a way that HUD ever agrees to a short sale, and am always amazed and relieved when I get one of those approved as they are the mother bear of all short sales. The lenders get paid so they don't care.

How does an owner go almost 6 years without making a payment? If there are extenuating circumstances for a family in dire distress, a legislator might be your only hope. You can also cancel the file and reopen it, hope for a new negotiator to push it through, providing you have enough time prior to foreclosure.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will try it thanks.



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