Anyone working on a Midland Mortgage S/S right now? They are quickly turning into one of the worst that I've dealt with. Sellers have an FHA loan, and Midland declined it until the sellers file an insurance claim against supposed issues with the property. There are no issues with the property that warrant a claim filed. I requested the appraisal report so that we can see exactly what is being reported and will most definitely get FHA involved as well. Anyone have any other helpful advice?  Have you run across anything like this before?  Last I knew, short sales were sold as-is. This house is the nicest and best-kept one on the block so not sure why they are being so picky!

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Corinn,  Have you received a copy of Midland's Appraisal yet per FHA PFS Guidelines?

Kevin, I just recently received a copy of the appraisal.  I think I found a way around this obstacle; the homeowners had the contractor come out and verify that there is no damage.  Now I am just in the predicament where Midland is saying their hardship is voluntary, which disqualifies them from the PFS Program (according to Midland).  Midland seems to throw a wrench in everything for their FHA short sales.

Let me know if you need anymore help.  Once again it doesn't matter according to FHA what the cause of the Hardship is (just that there is one).

Thank you, Kevin.  I appreciate your help and input.

Any tips or pointers with Midland?  I started one with them about a month ago and I feel like we are still being jerked around a little.  Can't seem to find anyone to escalate the file to as everyone appears to just be phone level or their immediate manager none of which seem to have any accountability.



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