Does anybody has a contact info on Midland Mortgage Escalation Department?  The people answering their phone does not know what they are talking about.  My client has 1st mort with Midland and 2nd with SLS.   The customer service rep informed me that the only way that Midland will work on the short sale is if the 2nd lien (which is a 2nd mort. with SLS) is settled or cleared in the title.  

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Kevin Osuna is the Vice President of Default Services, I would call the main office number: 800-552-3000 and ask for him directly. I would be anxious to hear how things turn out.

What a horrible circle. They are both probably saying the same thing. We will not tell you what we'll take until we hear what they'll give us and the other group says WELL we won't do anything until we know what they want...

I have heard this all before. I remember saying a number of times to the negotiators I have NEVER had to do this EVER. No second has ever given me a letter prior to having the first give a letter of approval.

You can also tell the negotiator at SLS that firsts are starting to do this more often, I need some help from you guys here.

Good luck!

Keith Maahs

Minneapolis, MN

Kevin Osuna is not longer with Midland.  I tried to reach him yesterday for assistance.  I was told his position has now been divided between two individuals.  The person I talked to at Kevin's old extension was willing to relay a message but (surprise, surprise) no one has called me back yet!

Any one have any updated contracts?  Thanks.



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