MetLife short sale file was declined based on erroneous information.  Contacted HUD and they agreed and assigned a HUD Counselor to the file.  Despite a HUD investigation where MetLife was told to re-open the file, we are still "parked" on a MetLife dead end.  Add insult to injury, we keep (coincidentally?) encountering the same rude customer service woman named "Gloria" who is arrogant and downright nasty (despite a deceptively friendly greeting).  Does anyone have an escalation contact besides besides "Corie Pyburn" who does not return calls?  Does anyone know the email format over there?  It is starting to appear that MetLife is determined to frustrate short sale applicants to the point that they just give up and let the property go to foreclosure.  

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I'll be starting a MetLife Reverse Mortgage Short Sale in the next couple of weeks so this is not encouraging.  

A tactic I have been using is when I send the 3rd Authorization as well as ALL Documents, I have typewritten on the bottom of every page (using Adobe) "All telephone calls to and from Thom Colby may be recorded to document the conversation" as it is required in CA to notify the other party of recording - that's why I put it on EVERY PAGE.  

Then when I call, they have already been notified and I activate the recording function on my telephone line.  When / if they start to get off-track or rude, I direct them to read the bottom of any page they have in the file.  They suddenly get "nice and cooperative".  

Sad that we have to go to such lengths but it is what it is.  

Good luck!

The email addresses at MetLife are either first initial of first name, last name @ or first initial of first name, last [email protected] . Unfortunatley, no one over there seems to like to answer their phones.

Here are a couple of MetLife folks I deal with.. they arent supervisors.. but sometimes if you bug the hell out of them.. they will point you in some direction. I do have a supervisor email Arthur Hofisi [email protected] If you cc him on any email to your loss mit specialist.. things seem to get done. Here is Corie Pyburn's email as well [email protected]

Angela Davis | Loss Mitigation Specialist | MetLife Home Loans, a Division of MetLife Bank, N.A.
1555 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 200, Irving, TX 75038 | 
( 1.800.364.7662 x.36274 | 6 214.441.7382*[email protected]

Amber Griffin | Loss Mitigation Specialist | MetLife Home Loans, a Division of MetLife Bank, N.A.
1555 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 200, Irving, TX 75038 | 
( 214.441.6079 | 6 214.441.6079*[email protected]


I have extensive experience in "harassing" MetLife  to the point where they will give me supervisor or loss mit contact information just to get rid of me.. and now I share with all you :-).. good luck.

You're pretty awesome AnaLee :-)

Thanks for sharing!

I am negotiating a shortsale with Met Life and have some current contact information I can share here for others:

My negotiator (who I have never had the pleasure of having a return phone call from) is Ronnie Davis.  Corie Pyburn gave me his email address:  [email protected]

The phone number that Corie Pyburn called me from was 214-441-6032 and that is his direct number as of today 01/01/2013.


Corie Pyburn has told me that HUD is declining a shortsale because of a modification for a 'silent second' my homeowner agreed to when she was sick with Cancer.  She lost her business and $85,000 a year income after the modification.  Corie Pyburn tells me that HUD insists the loan be paid in FULL which is $370,000 for a home now worth $250,000 and has some serious drainage/standing water issues. 


Contact info at HUD that Corie gave me is:  Darrel Powell at 405-609-8420. He gave me the HUD case number to reference as well, but I have never received a call back from Darrel. I am going to submit a HUD complaint now via [email protected] as well as Consumer Finance Protection Bureau when everyone is back to work tomorrow. 



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