I just had a investor turn down a HAFA short sale because the appraisal that they ordered is too low. It seemed spot on to me. Now they want me to sell the property as a regular short sale for an undetermined amount OVER the appraised value. 

That is not the 1st time recently that I have been dealing with an investor who wanted the property sold for over market value. FannieMae ordered 2 BPO's on property and then wanted the property listed way over market value. Then they scheduled the foreclosure. 

Is there something that I am not understanding, or are these investors complying with the letter of the HAMP/HAFA regulations while making foreclosure inevitable? 

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FNMA and FHLMC have their own programs that they call HAFA. They are not, so you cannot go to HAMP and see their (seemingly ever changing) rules.

Wells Fargo is getting hit for not complying with the $12BB fed settlement (for screwing over homeowners) and you'll find plenty in these forums about FNMA getting BPO's and bumping up their demands 20% over that.

The best thing I can say is to be persistent and clear. Forget pictures, etc., you need good comps, point out differences which are important as if you are talking to a 3rd grader. Keep at it. If you have the energy to escalate and your facts sound good, go to a state senator - they seem to have pull.

Yes, these "investors" are playing politics. I'd love to see the real numbers of their games - what deals they kill, what extra holding costs and damage costs, final sales costs. Theoretically, they could be getting the best dollar by jacking up the price, but I doubt it. I followed a couple of properties in the past and w/o holding costs, I saw the losses.



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