This is the 2nd time the seller's agent gave a ss approval letter with a 7-day approval to close. Need at least 2 weeks to close. Bank has list of work that needs to be done and title company wont pull title w/o ss approval letter with extended date. Question is should the buyer go ahead with the repairs without an updated letter? I told her know but she is anxious as she has to be out of the house by the end of the month. We're set to close on the 26th or 28th. Any suggestions regarding what to do with the buyer are appreciated. Broker said move forward with getting addendum. Wuld it be ok to call Ditech on behalf of the buyer? Didnt want to overstep seller's agent. Thanks!

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Hi Jackie: I can sense your enthusiasm for your buyer, but please don't call Ditech. You don't have authorization to speak to Ditech. The listing agent can ask for an extension from Ditech. Also, you can put pressure on the title company, it's absurd they are refusing to do the title work without an approval letter. Perhaps you should consider changing title companies? 

If this were my buyer, I would lay out the concerns and let the buyer decide to start with the work, and if so, I'd prepare a release of liability for both the seller and the buyer and get that buyer hopping on finishing whatever work is required to get the loan. It's a risk but a managed risk in my opinion.

Thanks for your response. I didnt call Ditech. The attorney on the seller's side and the title company for the buyer are in communication and are working it out. The title company is pulling the title. The repairs are being done over the weekend so the bank appraiser can reinspect. Hopefully we will close on the 26th. Thanks for your advice.

100% chance they will give you an extension, you just need to get the right person on the phone.

Ditech services a lot of loans for Fannie Mae and you may need to reach out to them as well.

The Listing Agent and their attorney should know this.

If you/they need help, feel free to email me - [email protected]



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