Got a fairly quick "approval" in writing from Green Tree- the amount they will accept at time of closing to release the deed is fine, it's minimal.  However, they refuse to release the note-Never, Ever-she ABSOLUTELY has to pay 100% of ALL of it back to do so.  Regardless, she has to pay them all of their money that is owed on the loan.  Neither of these usual tactics have worked:not accept a small promissory note for a portion of principal balance, nor, they will not accept additional funds at short sale closing to do so.  They are now sending collections letters to the borrower and constantly calling her and myself  for information on her sending in payment, even though she has been issued an "approval" and clearly can't afford to pay the mortgage note.  Additionally-they have now falsely reported information concerning hazard insurance to her insurance company-the first has escrowed for that, not them!  Has anyone encountered receiving an "approval" letter, however still absolutely wanting all of the money and 100% intent to get it? If so, what did you finally accomplish? This is a property in Georgia.  I am at my wits end on ideas.

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