Can borrower in default get copy of BPO when they say offers are too low?

I was surprised how difficult the negotiator was on first contact today.

He said our value was 'very low' when I know it was not. He is basing his comments on the BPO.

I heard borrowers can lnow find out what that value is, but he refused to tell me. .

Anyone know if we can get the value? The sale is in 3 weeks. Oh and yes, this is a Freddie Mac loan.

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Depending on who the servicing company is and how hard-nosed the negotiator remains, you might ask to speak with his supervisor.  If it's really rough going and you've got really good substantiation of value, try escalating to Freddie Mac directly.  I've found that approach to be effective in the past when dealing with Ocwen as the servicer on a Freddie Mac loan.  What have you got to loose?

I got the BPO amount by calling Freddie Mac escalation. Hope others can get the same results.
It was ridiculously high, we could never get that price. Ours is a fixer which we documented.

But the help I sought from Freddie Mac for the short sale was terrible. This particular woman was
like a robot and kept saying all decisions were up to the lender. Every question she
asked was a 'gotcha' to get negative information to help the lender and hurt the borrower.

She offered no encouragement when asked about relo fees.
She said I could not speak to a supervisor! Wish I could cancel the plea for help to
get rid of her, but I'm pretty sure she's going to help the lender justify ignoring the short
sale  package and going to auction in 14 days.

Now what!



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