Is there a fax number to send the SS initiation package to?  I'm only finding a mailing address.  Thanks!

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Always BEST to call the bank and ask them directly.

Certain banks have different fax numbers depending whether or not payments are late (if they are late there can be different fax numbers depending if they are 3, 6, 12 months behind, or, if the loan has gone to "charge-off" status).

Also, it can vary depending who the Investor is on the loan.

Be 100% certain to get the FULL name and extension of whoever you speak with when you call in and also ask them who the Investor is on the loan (this will determine a number of things including commission and relocation assistance options)

...of course you COULD just email me and my team could do EVERYTHING for you (we also provide live 24/7 online tracking so you ALWAYS know where your file is in the process).

Did I mention we also know which banks pay 8% - 10% commission on their short sales?

Email me - [email protected]


Ben Benita



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