Citi just transfered servicing on a large number of loans to PennyMac.  Now our short sale transferred there, anyone work with them before?

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Yes, hopefully closing on 1 within the next few days.
never heard of them....are they a charge off company?
No, Citi just sent files their way to process for them. So far so good with them, everything done pretty swiftly through e-mail so far.
I just sent over my first Pennmac short today, I'll keep you guys posted as it goes along.
Process is moving swiftly.
Wow! submitted file yesterday, got a response today, are you kidding me? Although, they are only offering $3k to 2nd, which is a Citi loan, the same co. they purchased the 1st from.
I found PennyMac very easy to work with, since they buy these notes at 30 cents on the dollar.

Have you had success with a PennyMac short sale?  What was thier turn around time?



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