use some of $3,000 relocation incentive for needed repairs for buyers FHA appraisal requirements?

Have a short sale with Chase.    Got net required on settlement statement, but the FHA appraiser for buyers lender stated that two windows had to be repaired before they could close.   I asked my negotiator if we could use some of the relocation incentive for these repairs(the buyers bank said the repairs could be escrowed for after closing).  Send over settlement statement to Chase with copies of the repair estimates, now she messaged me back and said the relocation incentive can't be applied toward these repairs because the home is sold in as-is condition?

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oh trust me, I will get on them.  I got the office of the presidents office involved with several of my Bank of America short sales in the past...

Getting ready to put the hammer down now...

IMHO  the CHASE's  Executive Office is worthless  All they do is relay your dispute to the short department  they do not get involved or make any decisions

well that went better or quicker than expected. Called main short sale #, told them I need to escalate file, send me to a supervisor on the floor who researched, they sent to escalation department, should have the escalation supervisor assigned to case call in 24-48 hours.  They gave me escalation # as we will see.  Of course, the floor person who sent me to supervisor put a nice nasty gram in equator in all caps, hahhaa...

so to update those following.  I had called HUD directly and had a ticket setup, HUD called me today and said that these are ABSOLUTELY  allowable expenses.  I am waiting to hear back from Chase...Chase just messaged me as I was typing this, they are sending back to hud for variance approval on this.  



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