Twice this week I have endeavored to contact Cenlar to verify receipt of the third party authorization I faxed last weekend and to request a list of it's short sale submission requirements and a copy of the Cenlar specific forms.  

I have called both 866.430.9689 provided by this group and 866.557.5653 provided by the client's account statement.   All attempts have ended with a recorded message that "due to unforeseen circumstances the office is closed, please try again later".  

Can anyone provide a direct dial number to anyone at Cenlar who might be able to bypass this company's voice response system?   Or perhaps someone can suggest any other contact or escalation suggestions?



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Cenlar's non-toll free number is 609.883.3900

Following are the documentation requirements pertaining to HELOC's.

  • HUD-1
  • Listing Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Bank Statements for last 60 Days
  • UBAF
  • Most recent year's tax return (one year)
  • Last 30 days proof of income
  • Signed/dated Hardship Letter

Hope this is useful to other group members

You'll also need a Third Party Authorization form of course.

Thanks for the info Phil. How did the short sale go with the HELOC? One of the homeowner's I'm working with just had his HELOC transferred from Ocwen to Cenlar and this is my first time working with them.



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