After numerous hours of calling BB&T's corporate offices  I found someone in the Recovery Dept who was willing to contact the attorneys in Tampa and see if he could get things moving. I sent the Recovery Dept a few documents regarding the short sale yesterday. This morning at 11:00 am our short sale attorney who is processing the short sale received a call from the Tampa attorneys with a unbelieveable counter offer. The note my sellers ow is $225,000 plus late fees, plus penalties, plus non payment for nearly 2 years. So they really ow close to $240,000. BB&T offered to accept $75,000. The first lien holder is giving $10,000, the buyers are giving $12,500.  So the sellers need to put in $52,500 to get rid of a huge note of nearly $240,000 and avoid foreclosure. The sellers today came back and said nope were not doing it and as a matter of fact we're only going to put in $10,000 instead of the $20,000 we originally offered. I need everyones input for arguments I will have to take to the seller to convince him to accept this incredible deal and get this all behind them. I will have one last shot at convincing my seller to accept this offer, otherwise we are dead in the water. Right now I am bearly holding on to my buyers as well. Okay guys, lets here it.............................

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