Need names and numbers to call to escalate getting answer to settlement on BB&T 2nd lien (equity line)

My client has a first of $325,000 with GMAC and a 2 lien/equity line from BB&T for $240,000.  BB&T is suing my clients outside of the short sale. They are suing them personally and have had to hire a foreclosure attorney to respond to the lawsuit. BB&T wanted $22,500 cash up front to allow our short sale to close as we have a buyer with an offer of $210,000. GMAC accepted this all cash offer. However, BB&T is not ready to let my sellers off the hook. So they offered them $20,000 plus the $22,500 that is coming from the buyers. We can not get an answer from BB&T.  We have had to ask GMAC for 2 extensions. We need to escalate this short sale as we are at risk for loosing both GMAC and the buyers. Please Help!!! Julie Wilkinson

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