Hello, all.  I just spoke to a seller who wants to list with me but has a letter from BB&T telling her they would like to offer her a short sale using National Quick Sale.  I know only a little about this company but it apparently requires agents to register with them, pay some crazy annual fee, and possibly additional fees.  

Anyone have any input?


Deb Orth

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I have worked with National Quick Sale on a BB & T short sale. It went very smooth and the staff at National Quick Sale was easily accessible and responsive. They charged 1% and it was worth it to me not to have to deal with negotiating the short sale.

I have done one with them and it was SO quick, less than 2 weeks AND my sellers got $19,000+ at closing by going with NQS. I don't know how they do it, but it is legit!

I submitted 3 offers on a BB&T short sale transaction through NQS, each meet the full BPO value.  NQS has changed the minimum acceptable net each time.  As time goes on, prorated taxes and unpaid HOA dues continue to increase as the property value continues to decline.  The seller has asked to have NQS removed from the negotiation so listing agent (me) can deal directly with BB&T.  The only alternative offered the seller is DIL or they threaten her with seeking deficiency judgement.  NQS has done nothing but prevent the transaction from closing.  Currently, I have 2 ready and willing cash buyers prepared to pay the full BPO value, neither of which will be accepted because of the increasing tax proration and delinquent HOA dues.  I will never take a listing referral from NQS again.



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