I need help in getting a response from Bayview. A sheriff sale is scheduled for May 4. I have submitted a counter-offer of $350K to the appraised value of $360K. I have no luck after e-mailing, faxing, leaving voice messages. I have been working on this file since October last year. A new appraisal was ordered so we increased our offer. I have a cash buyer patiently waiting to close. 

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Have you tried reaching out to supervisors, VP's or the Executive offices?

Do you know who the Investor is on the loan?

I can likely help, shoot me an email - [email protected]

Hi Ben,

I don't have any contact information except for the general number- 1-877-221-3774 for Ms. Stockton. If you do, I would appreciate it if you can e-mail them to me at [email protected] I will also e-mail you direct. Thanks so much.




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