The city certification ($103.00) is required for every transaction in Philadelphia and the bank refuses to pay it. They say they are aware that its required but they will not pay it.   Any direction?

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Put it on the HUD as "Government Required Certification".  If they will not pay it, tell them to put it in writing (they'll pay it)

I'm in CA and we have similar City / County required items - this always seems to work for me.

Good luck !

I guess I misread your post - For $103. if the buyer won't pay it, I'd pay it.  It's not worth the time and effort

Are there other state or county transfer fees? If so, you may just have to lump it into the other fees. In our area we have State & Country Transfer and Recordation charges and they're more agreeable to pay it when all the fees are lumped together. Just a thought.

Small amount. Get the buyer to pay it.

I agree with Kevin, get the buyer to pay it, it is such a small amount.  Heck, I have in the past made a contribution to such costs myself or split with the other agent.  After working so hard and long on a short sale I would not let $103 prevent me from closing that is for sure, if were a big dollar amount that is a different story.



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