My clients were turned down by the investors (Freddie Mac)  for a HAFA so we are going for a traditional BoA short sale.  She is recently widowed retired and only S.S. income so I am attempting to get her relocation funds ( $2000 -to $3000)  I am looking for suggestions on how best to present this to BoA.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions, I have done perhaps 40 short sale but never where I asked for additional funds for the homeowner.  Her situation is really desperate.


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The BofA Coop Program pays $2500.  It is easy and quick.  Better than HAFA because it is a no-doc program (for the most part).

You might try putting the relocation money into the contract. Occasionally, there is magic to having it in the contract, although I have never come across one like that - just a thought.



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