Hi All,

I have never had such incomplete communication with BOA. I have had really decent communication with BOA until this short sale. I don't know if they changed their policies or it is just a streak of bad luck on this particular short sale.

It started 1st with 1st negotiator. She kept denying documents. I had no idea what the issues were and had to go to the depths a consumer agency to get an answer of why they were being denied. They needed a date to be changed to later but neither the negotiator nor her manager would respond to requests asking why the documents were being denied. 

After that was complete then the short sale got denied because the negotiator and I were unclear about what BOA needed.

I called Freddie Mac and issued a complaint.

I was supposed to have received a response from new negotiator. I spoke to someone at BOA 11/9/ 11/10 and was told that new negotiator would reach out in 5 to 7 days. I called customer relations.

On the 18th/19th my seller got an email, who does not have email at their house and that has been communicated to boa, that her short sale will be denied if we do not move forward. I had not received any calls or emails and nothing appears to be on equator.

Seller had a BOA phone appointment on the 21st. BOA did not call. She reached someone the next day who told her that boa sent communication to me and I am not responding.

We both spoke to BOA yesterday and asked for correspondence to come to me so we can move this file forward.

I tweeted boa on Friday asking for help and also tweeted again on Monday requesting assistance. No response.

I see no other result but to complain to the consumer agency since BOA is saying they are communicating with me and I have no voice mails, no emails and no way to move forward on this file with this client. 

If anyone has any better ideas please let me know.



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It's been awhile since I've had to do a BOA short sale (blessings!!!), but I have had good luck with tweeting the BOA help team - @BofA_Help.  They instruct not to tweet account info or details of the short sale; just let them know you are a Realtor needing help with a short sale.  They will respond quickly  and will ask you to DM more info. 

Good luck!

Brenda Wood, ABR, SFR, CDPE

Samson Properties

Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Thank you Brenda. I did twitter twice with no success. They did not respond since last Friday or this Monday. They are not responding.

Is your file still open in Equator? If so, are there not other people you can send an internal message to through Equator? I've had good luck with the social media team, too. But because this is Freddie Mac, this might be a bit more difficult because it can't go HAFA, and Freddie Mac doesn't have a portal like Fannie Mae.



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