I have two deals now with TS. Phone # 877-500-4472.

One was approved, (conv. no MI) just waiting for the letter. Now they want the whole package again with current info.

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Did you fax all to BOFA first before you were notified TS had the file?
Yup. The BofA Negotiator called Friday left a message the the SS was approved and we should get the approval letter by Tuesday. I called today to find out that TS was assigned the file on 12/30 and they will handle it from here.

I am an HRC with Titanium and when a short sale is assigned to TS, the listing agent keeps the listing and DOES NOT have to pay TS a referral fee. They are suppose to go faster through TS but like everything, this is a hit or miss. Hopefully it will be a hit for you Alisa. :)
Except I can't get a fax through. The fax always times out. I will try tonight when I get home from bowling.

I am not a HRC.
I used to b an HRC with Titanium, presently "on leave". I did a BoA transaction with them that went through very smoothly (about a year ago). Since the Titanium people have a better "direct wire" into BoA, things got taken care of almost immediately, and since they traned us HRC's to send in the proper complete file immediately, that definitely helped as well.
But one thing, Alicia, fax doesn't work that well. I did it all by email, and the Titanium people work that way. Send them everything by email!

Does this mean that BofA knows that Equator (formerly Reotrans) system is not working and are trying other solutions? If so, at least they're doing something about it.

As you know Reotrans (as the name implies) is a system built for REOs. They took those templates and converting them into short sale templates. I, along with everyone who was put into the Reotrans/Equator system, is a beta tester for the new short sale system. Only, they didn't tell us that we're beta testers. Wish they would ask us how to make their system better.
Hi all! I did a blog a while back about Titanium both here and on AR. There is also now a Titanium Group to join on here as well.
I started working with Titanium 3 or 31/2 years ago, for a variety of lenders. I don't understand what this hullaballoo is about all of a sudden. Titanium is a very good company, and all the lenders they work with are reputable, that's why they are leading the way to short sales with Titanium's help! We need all the help we can get to helpl those poor borrowers who are in trouble!

Dawn Barrier CSP®,HRC said:
Hi all! I did a blog a while back about Titanium both here and on AR. There is also now a Titanium Group to join on here as well.
I've been with Titanium for just over a year and can attest to the fact that they are a reputable company. I think that they have a lot more experience with short sales than Reotrans/Equator who has just recently created a short sale portal and are playing "catch-up" right now.

Note: Titanium's platform was built around the pre-foreclosure side of the sale. Reotran/Equator was built starting from the post-foreclosure side.
As a Titanium HRC you know from teh begnning that Titanium has the file,it gets sent to ou by Titanium for action! YOu send all your information and the complete file to Titaniulm, nowhere else, you have a contract with them!

Wendy Rulnick said:
Did you fax all to BOFA first before you were notified TS had the file?
First file - although they told me they could get a decision in 10 days - it take 5 days to upload and QC docs, then they request more docs, then 5 more days to upload - then 10 days for review. It might take them 10 days, if they only count one a week.

Second file. They have everything, including the email from BofA saying they were generating the approval letter - now they want the buyer's lender letter. Uploaded that on Thursday.

Sometimes they say they will request a postponement, other times they tell me to call BofA directly. Not sure - but whatever wastes more of my time, right?

Dawn Maloney said:
Alisa, any progress on this file yet?



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