My third level/closing negotiator sends me a letter of intro, says if "you have any further questions or need an extension on your approval letter, contact my manager". Funny, her manager's name and number weren't on the letter!

Cut to.....today.

HUD not returned in a week. Changes to contract in buyers name (same family, son now buying for himself, instead of parents buying for him--loan scenario, different story). Sent HUD with changes explanation. Emailed and called Closing Negotiator, her boss, and his boss ( I found them all!) !!!! NO replies, no feedback.

What can I do to find out what is going on with this file? We changed buyers via addendums. Would I be better off re-submitting a new Purchase Contract with son as sole buyer and essentially starting over from scratch?!



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Yes, B of A is the hardest lender to work shorts through (by far) in my experience. For example, the short I'm currently working with them (thank god it's the only one) has been passed to 4 different negotiators in 7 months and we haven't even made it out of Phase 1 yet.

That said (and my little rant over), I've discovered that if you call into the desk for a weekly update and ask them to send a "system message" to the negotiator, that will usually elicit a response. Try asking for a "system message" to all three levels of negotiatiors and see what happens.
Thanks Kent, every little bit helps!!! I'll try that.
Hi Kylee,

I have had this happen to me on several files. I call the main short sale numbe5, 1-866-880-1232, and go through all the identification again. I find out who the "new" negotiator is, the contact info, the supervisor's name and contact info, and then ask the operator to "escalate" the file. The operator will generally do this if the "standard" time frame for the negotiator to get back to you (usually 15 business days) has passed.

I have usually received a response and sometimes the file is transferred again ... go figure!

Best of luck.

Barbara Weller, Sunbelt Title Agency
Great call Barbara! I tried that last week without much luck, but tonite I not only got the escalation request in, my closing negotiator has a new manager, plus got an executive's name from the group and the Brian Moynihan's (CEO!) name and number--and emails are easy once I get the name.


Yep, thanks Jeff!
Wonder if he really reads his mail.



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