Hi can anyone give me some pointers.... We have a second with Aurora.  When I call in it automatically goes to a voicemail.  I can not get a hold of a live person.  I've emailed and faxed and called the Executive Communication dept... haven't received anything from them either.  The last time I spoke to a real person was about 3 weeks ago.... it supposedly has been with "underwriting" for a decision on the short sale approval.  But I can get any info and haven't received anything.  We've had to extend the approval with the first already, and are quickly approaching the second expiration.  Any help, or tips or alternate contact info would be great!!!!!  Thanks

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Auroa does not like to make it easy. The trick is to get into the system using your clients information then after you have gone through all the identification stuff use the 0 (operator). It takes 4 times of them trying to give you autmated information. So each time they ask for you to key in a request number punch 0. Once you get in they will act surprised that it was so hard.



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