Has anyone out there heard of or worked with Dovenmuehle Mortgage?  If you have, what was your experience with them in relation to short sales?

Thanks for the feedback.


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I am starting one soon. I have dealt with other banks and mortgage companies, but this is the first time with Dovenmuehle Mortgage. Have you started the process?

Hi Elvira,

I'm just getting started, too. It will be interesting to see how they are to deal with. 



Surprisingly, I got a call this morning from the bank after e-mailing the contract last Saturday. It seems that they have been cooperating with the seller, who was requesting a DIL before, and was told to try a short sale first.  The bank ordered a bpo last December,  asked me to list it lower, and I got an offer in three weeks. They are just waiting for a preliminary HUD to reply to the offer. Hope this will be a smooth one.

Wow!  That is surprising.  I'll look forward to submitting an offer to them.  Thanks for the update.


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