I arrived at an widow's house that is in the foreclosure process expecting to sign up a normal short sale. All I could get for now was the listing agreement. She is on the deed, but only her deceased husband in on the mortgage so the bank won't talk to her, or me. She can't even pick up the certified letters of default they are sending. Basically, they are stealing the property. she owes $87K on a 15 acre property and house worth around $200K.Does anyone know how to break this down to something successful? Looks like the bank has her stonewalled into foreclosure.

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Well, first of all it's not a short sale from what you've described. By law they have to at least provide a pay off to a successor in interests, but that's often hard to get done though. With a death certificate, try to escalate up through management, and the legal dept. Does she have the authority to sell, or does probate have to be opened?

I think she should get an attorney, Vincent. Keep us posted.



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