Now I know from prior experience on this site I am going to get some vehement obections to this post but I wanted to put my two cents in anyway. I am at this point in time about one transaction away from making a company wide decision to not accept short sale closings that are processed by realtors.


Why you might ask...


As far as I am concerned it all comes down to financial responsibility. I would say that on almost 50% of the transactions we close that are negotiated by realtors there is some last minute fix that needs to be made because they do not understand the closing process and haven't completed everything in order to properly approve or close out the file. The most distressing thing about this is if there is a screw up. If the negotiating realtor didn't close out the file correctly. Has an approval letter that is expired and didn't get the extension. Or in the most recent case has an E-mail from the 2nd lender stating they will approve said amount but never actually got the approval letter. The financial responsibility falls on us.


Yes, it's our job as a closing company to notice these items and we do. What happens though when for some reason the processor on the file was overly busy and doesn't follow up to make sure the realtor negotiating the file did their job correctly. Who ends up being financially responsible when the new owner finds out there is still a mortgage on the property because they were all not closed out correctly. The closing company. The realtor could possibly be sued by the seller for not negotiating the loan correctly and the seller may win damages but guaranteed if the buyer makes a claim our title insurance company is going to pay it out in full. Too many of those and you're out of business permanently. Now as I said we've caught them all. All the little mistakes that our clients make when they negotiate their own files but what happens if we miss one?


I'm starting to think I may not be willing to take that risk.


So, now for your thoughts.

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Wow so much love here today! Thanks guys and Smitty, I call it how I see it.  :)

Oh my goodness Keri hit it right on the head.. I can't count how many times attorney's, so called short sale negotiators, have dropped the ball. While pointing fingers at agents, 4 is being back at others.. While some agents don't have the experience of short sale, many third party negotiators don't have any training either..In my experience once an attorney get's involved they many times screw things up...



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