Where to Add Short Sale Processing Fees on the HUD...And What to Label Them

We 'process' short sales in NC under various attorneys, and 'negotiate' short sales in TX under our own umbrella (an attorney is not required to 'negotiate' in TX as it is in NC).  Sometimes lenders pay all of our processing/negotiating fee, sometimes they pay part, and sometimes they won't pay any of it at all.

Where on the HUD do you place your fee to ensure the greatest chance of it getting approved?  What do you label the service as?  (In regards to labeling it, I have noticed that if you call it Short Sale Processing Fees, it is most likely to get rejected, as the lenders/investors refuse to pay for that service.). 

What works best for you?

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I do it differently, with an agreement up front that the buyer will pay the fee. Sometimes this can be deducted out of seller contribution to buyer closing costs. Some title co.s, with some lenders, may get a fee on the seller's side as a seller's attorney fee, but not consistently that I can see.

Yep.  buyer pays my fee, but most of the time attorney fees get approved in the 1100 section on the HUD.  You have to label them as such.  I've seen anywhere from $800 to $5000 approved in this section.



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