Copies of Liquidation Appraisal Reports
VA does not object to servicers providing copies of liquidation appraisal reports on a VA-guaranteed loan to Veteran-borrowers and third parties authorized by any borrower on the loan. Both Lenders and
Servicers have access to WebLGY and can pull a copy of the appraisal upon request. The only time VA will send a copy of the appraisal report is upon request from a veteran or other authorized party that does not have access via WebLGY.

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Kevin - What is WebLGY, and is this new?

Web LGY is the online database lenders and veterans can access to obtain COEs quickly and easily.  Surviving spouses do not have access to this system and currently can only apply for the COE by mail.   VA Form 26-1880 must be used if a borrower or VA lender is unable to get a COE online. 

This just appears to be clarification the Lenders from the VA.

Apparently the Veteran has access to the portal to pull a copy of the Liquidation Appraisal.

Yes, all Veterans can obtain the status of the COE from the E Benefits site.



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