USAA the 2nd owed 100k. Countered at 97k, then approved 36k. 1st (Wells Fargo) since gone short, HAFA, giving USAA 12k.  USAA denies 12k and wants 36k.  Wells will not allow sellers to contribute 10k relocation n fee to USAA. How can I make USAA accept the 12k which is more than the usual 10% to the 2nd?  They play some serious hardball.  Worth opening a case with CFPB?  Any advice appreciated, thanks!


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Just escalate any way you can. USAA does not need to participate in HAFA and yes the 10,000 relocation is not something that can be contributed. What is USAA position if the property goes to foreclosure? By the numbers your quoting it appears they think they have equity or recourse on the note.

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Thanks for the info, appreciate it.  Will keep trying to escalate with USAA.  Sellers need the 10k relocation so need to stick with HAFA.



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