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Would you suggest using a third party negotiator for a Nationstar short sale?

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I would suggest using an experienced and dedicated team of short sale negotiators in your corner for almost any short sale if you want to free up your time from handling behind the desk work or if you are not a short sale processing expert. Depending how an structures a transaction they are only taking a minor cut in commission or potentially no cut at all. In my opinion if you have the right team in your corner you have much more to gain than to lose. They will work with all parties in the transaction, keep everyone updated, collect the necessary items, and work towards settling all liens on title.

We would love to see if there is an opportunity for our team to assist you and to discuss your case with you in more detail. Please feel free to give me a call on my direct line at 310-564-6389 or to send me an email as my door is always open.

Brett@ishortsalenow.com or BGold@acgnow.com


Nationstar has a specific list of items that will need to be provided by the owner. They will also require you go through a auction process to find a buyer. If you already have an offer on the property or if the initial auction process does not provide a suitable buyer, you can then submit an offer directly. They will verify the value of the offer by going through another auction process. Once the offer is accepted that is submitted. You will be working with Equator to get the paperwork and offer completed. Depending on the lien holder, Nationstar as the servicing company may or may not allow negotiator fees to be added to the HUD. Also, there is an additional  5% charge added to the buyers purchase price for use of the auction companies (no choice in that). There is one exception, if the buyer's offer is not a part of the initial auction and they are the winning bid on the verify auction then the 5% fee is not charged. So this should help you in the decision process for how you want to conduct the negotiation. Good Luck.

Nationstar does require some mortgage specific forms such as their authorization. Nationstar at times do require files go through auction.com, but not always, it depends on who the investor on the note is.

No, not necessarily. I just closed one with a contract date of June 2 and close date of July 16. The smoothest one with Nationstar that I have ever had! Try it yourself first and if you start having problems then consider a 3rd party. 



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