Comments on this announcement from RPR (Realtor Property Resource) and Fannie Mae. ?

RPR Teams With Fannie to Speed Short Sales

The REALTOR Property Resource® has announced a new partnership with mortgage giant Fannie Mae aimed at increasing the efficiency in the short sale approval process for real estate professionals and their clients. The goal is to reduce the time for real estate professionals to both bring distressed properties to the market and close on the sale of these properties, says Dale L. Ross, CEO of the REALTORS Property Resource®.

The partnership includes an expansion of the existing REO listing information available to real estate professionals in the RPR Application. It also will include new specialized training options. 

“In markets where the Multiple Listing Service agrees to partner with RPR and Fannie Mae, REALTORS® will have access to information, tools, and training to assist in identifying and expediting a Fannie Mae short sale,” Ross says. “Fannie Mae and RPR will also be providing REALTORS® with data and training on Fannie Mae’s short sales and recommended list prices. This partnership will also serve to create broad exposure for Fannie Mae training content and REO listings through the RPR site.”

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Kevin - This is quite fascinating.  It weirds me out a little, though. If I have a non-short sale listing, the bank knows I listed it for sale?  Freaky. I can see them then using this information to re-solicit a traditional seller to refinance to keep the loan or for other "marketing" purposes not related to short sale. Of course, it's always easy to find this stuff out by looking online, but still, it's a bit creepy to me, unless I've misread it (I did a brief reading).

Well, well, what do you know?  There you go!

Personally I'm disappointed in the NAR for this partnership.  It's certainly not the first time I've been disappointed with them and sadly I'm sure it won't be the last....

Kevin, you are amazing..the amount and variety of information we get  from you seems almost sinful!  thank you!

I think this is personally disgusting!   If anyone doesn't see that NAR and FANNIE are "IN BED" together on this one...they their blind.  I LOVE how Fannie and NAR call it PARTNERING up on this one.

It's a blatant attempt at Fannie to try to be the next CORELOGIC in this way if FANNIE is behind the wheel, they can manipulate the prices and have RPR be another valuation site with AVM's ...and guess whose AVM's Fannie will listen to when it comes to home valuations? Why their OWN CREATED SITE OF COURSE!!!

NAR is supposed to represent REALTORS and help US, not be in BED WITH any organization with THEIR OWN've been sold out and they already have "OUR LEADER" bending over backwards and in allegiance with them...... How impartial is NAR supposed to be NOW, when they're "sleeping with the enemy"

So it's FANNIE's site with NAR's stamp of approval on it and Fannie gets to be the PUPPET MEISTER pulling all the strings......


This time, Sheyenne, I agree with you. If NAR were truly an advocate for Realtors or homeowners, they wouldn't cozy up to the lenders the way they have over the years. 

I am assuming since they are able to use the word "REALTOR" in their name they are in bed with NAR.  I am sure NAR will find a way to make it mandatory. Just like it is mandatory to give our information to so they can use it to sell leads back to us. is not our friend and neither is RPR.

Hi folks!!!  The Fannie Mae sponsored NAR site called RPR....or more commonly known as Fannie's OWN site with NAR going along for the ride and putting their "stamp of approval" on it gets worse.... 

Follow the BOUNCING BALL PEOPLE!!!!   Nar is headquartered in CHICAGO....look at your maps.....YES...Chicago is the city at the bottom of Lake Michigan about 28 miles NW of the Indiana border.... see it???? Yeah, you know...the one called "the WINDY CITY"...  Nar's headquarters.... now watch this!!! Fannie Mae's headquarters is in Washington, DC....

keep with me folks....  Now guess...yeah..just take a GUESS where RPR's headquarters is located at????

Yep you guessed it....Herndon, VA.....and guess what Herndon, VA is known as??? It's a "suburb of yes, you got it...

Washington DC.....   hmmmm ...right down the street from Fannie....awfully close to be able to install employees and staff there to RUN the RPR site...., yet this is NAR's site...remember? And FANNIE is just "partnering with NAR on helping to TRAIN you on how to navigate and "UTILIZE" NAR's site......  STILL THINK THIS SITE IS NAR's?????

It's FANNIE hiding behind the veil of NAR....and "HIGHJACKING" all the MLS's in order to become a SITE where

Fannie can "give you guidance" and 'Help" on obtaining "PROPERTY VALUATIONS".....yeah, right!!!

Again, trying to become the next Corelogic..or STANDARD on "property values"...

wow and isn't it amazing that RPR launches it's site for realtors on guessed it  Nov 1st 2012...the same day the new GSE guidelines took effect...  see below in BOLD from RPR's own site....

What it means

Beginning November 1, 2012, Realtors Property Resource® , a member benefit from the National Association of REALTORS®, will become available to 1 million REALTORS® across the country regardless of MLS participation!

Although on the RPR site it states that the LLC was formed in 2008...then WHY does it need to be in Fannie's back yard??? And WHY, if it has NO partners, and no outside investors, or stockholders...does it need to "PARTNER" with Fannie, an entity that is blatantly disregarding every COMP and SALE in the entire USA except their own HOMEPATH homes as COMPS funded with NO APPRAISALS at ungodly prices...??? AGAIN More PR from RPR below: in BOLD

RPR, LLC was incorporated in November of 2009. RPR, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the National Association of REALTORS®, and has no stockholders, no partners and no outside investors. It is funded by NAR’s Second Century Initiatives reserves, and all technologies, databases, systems and any future return on NAR’s investments belong to NAR’s members.

And Dale L. Ross, it's CEO and fearless leader....USED TO BE A REALTOR...not saying he still isn't BUT, it's funny NO ONE knew of NOR CARED for RPR all these years..until decided to "PARTNER" with FANNIE MAE and all it's "BACKING"... that it is now trying to become a USA STANDARD for "property valuations"

This REEKS!!!  You should be ashamed of yourself  Mr. Ross....  Obviously...Partnering with Fannie put HIM and FANNIE on the map....  GRAFT must be good!!!

Dale Ross's Overview

  •                                                                                                                                                                                 Chief Executive Officer                    at REALTORS Property Resource LLC  (RPR) 
      Past                                                                     Washington DC metro area
  •                                                                                                                                                                           Broker                    at       Pioneer Realty, Inc.         
  •                                                                                                                                                                           President                    at       Pioneer Realty, Inc         
  •                                                                                                                                                                           Chief Executive Officer                    at       Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc         
  •               University of Maryland College Park          

Dale Ross'

          Privately Held; 11-50 employees;         Real Estate industry     

2009Present (4 years)


Pioneer Realty, Inc.

January 1990October 2009 (19 years 10 months)

    Residential and commmercial real estate and investments for Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC


Pioneer Realty, Inc

1984October 2009 (25 years)

    Residential and commercial real estate investments in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Chief Executive Officer

Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc

19932000 (7 years)

    Co-founder and CEO of a real estate information and technology company including multiple listing activities for 60,000 real estate practitioners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania

        Dale Ross' Education     

                   University of Maryland College Park                                 

BS,                   marketing and real estate                 


Dale Ross' Additional Information   

Groups and Associations:

President, Montgomery County Association of REALTORS (Maryland) 1985; President, Maryland Association of REALTORS 1989; National Association of REALTORS Director 1991-present; President, Partnership for Housing Foundation (non-profit) 2003-2008; NAR Certified Residential Broker; President, Washington Area Council of REALTORS 1988; President, Washington Area Real Estate Council 1989; 113th Air National Guard, Andrews Air Force Base 1970-1976             

Honors and Awards:

    Maryland Association of REALTORS Lifetime Achievement Award 2001;  Montgomery County Association of REALTORS - REALTOR of the Year 1984;  NAR Omega Tau Rho Award 1990; NAR RPAC Hall of Fame 2006-2008; NAR President Circle 2005-2008; RPAC Golden R 2000-2008;


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